Support for Our Patients

Dear patient,

We hope you are well and coping at this challenging time.

All Routine Dental Appointments Postponed

On official advice, all dental appointments have now been suspended. There is no need to call to cancel appointments – we will cancel all currently booked appointments until we are allowed to re-open whereupon we will contact you again to re-schedule or confirm future appointments.

Dental Emergencies

If you have pain or a dental emergency, or need dental advice, please ring the Practice as normal on 01725 510303. If there is no answer, please listen to the answer machine message carefully as it may give you further instructions to follow, including the mobile number of our emergency dentist. If leaving a message, please say your name and telephone number clearly and we will call you back, although this may be later on in the day.

Patients on Dental Plans

We would be incredibly grateful as business owners if patients could maintain plan payments at this time if at all possible. If your next scheduled appointment on the plan becomes due while we are still shut down due to coronavirus, you will be prioritised the moment we are allowed to open again. We will also ensure that you can catch up any delayed regular appointments over the next period of time.

When we re-open, we will also be offering all our plan patients £50 off the cost of Teeth Whitening as a thank-you for your support during this difficult time. If you wish to discuss your plan, please ring the dental practice.

Free Support Service to Vulnerable Patients

Naturally, this is a time that where possible, we turn to our friends, family and trusted neighbours for support with provisions of supplies etc. However, we wanted to let you know that members of our team have volunteered to support our patients who are self-isolating. We would be happy to help you if you do not have suitable support, or if your normal support is unavailable. This support can include:-

  • Buying and delivering essential shopping to your homes.*
  • Collecting and delivering prescriptions or other important items.
  • Providing a friendly phone call if you are missing human contact.

If you need help in any way in the coming months, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to contact the Practice by email to and we will do everything we can to help you. If you do not have access to email, please ring the practice as normal on 01725 510303 and leave your name and telephone number clearly on the answer machine and we will call you back. Please do be patient as it might take us a few hours to respond.

With very best wishes and thanks.

Luke and Jenny Wordley

Owners of The Borough Dental Practice Team