Treatment on referral/second opinions

Our resident dentist, Charlie Killick, has a double specialism in endodontics and prosthodontics.

His surgery is equipped with the latest Zeiss Microscope technology and he sets aside referral appointment slots everyday for referral patients, so they can receive initial consultations and, if appropriate, the necessary specialist treatment in a timely manner.

Referrals to Charlie are managed personally by our Practice Manager, Laura Chatwin, who will liaise directly with your patient, and will also keep you (as the referring dentist) informed throughout the referral/treatment process.

Treatment will only be offered for that which the patient has been referred, after which the patient will be returned to your care.

Referrals can be made using the online referral system below, or by email to Or by letter to:-

Charlie Killick, The Borough Dental Practice, 58 The Borough, Downton, Salisbury SP5 3ND

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