Support Service For Local NHS Staff

Dear colleague,

During the coronavirus lockdown, we provided an emergency shopping service to our older and medically vulnerable patients, and this service was also extended to local NHS staff who may have been having trouble getting to a supermarket.

At the end of July though, after nearly 250 completed shops for around forty shielding patients, in agreement with these patients, we were able to bring this service to a halt at the end of July.

However, we are still here to help. If anyone is in need during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, please contact Luke on 07834 352647. Likewise, if we are put into lockdown once more, and supermarkets once again cannot meet demand for home deliveries, we will resurrect this service.

We would like to thank Waitrose Salisbury for sponsoring a van for eight weeks and our children and all our team who voluntarily helped pick shopping during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Best regards,

Luke and Jenny – Owners