Support Service For Older & Medically Vulnerable Patients

Dear Patient,

We hope you are well and keeping up your spirits at this very difficult time.

We are offering a community support service to our older and medically vulnerable patients, as well as local NHS staff.

If you are lacking support, your normal support is unavailable, or you are having difficulty securing an online shopping delivery slot, we would be delighted to help you in any of the following ways.

  • Buying and delivering essential shopping to your homes.*
  • Collecting and delivering prescriptions or other important items.
  • Providing a friendly phone call if you are missing human contact.

*We are currently making two Waitrose supermarket visits a week on a Tuesday and Friday, although this will be increased if demand requires. We can deliver to patient’s homes within a ten-mile radius of Downton.

Shopping lists along with your name and telephone number must be emailed by 1PM the day before to  . We will then purchase your items (if they are available) the next day and deliver them to your home. Later that afternoon or the next working day, we will call you to take payment over the phone, or you can pay by internet banking – details will be on the delivery sheet.

We will naturally operate at all times with scrupulous hygiene standards to avoid potential contamination, picking your shopping with surgical gloves and mask. We are very grateful to Waitrose Salisbury who have kindly covered the cost of a van rental.

For prescription collections/deliveries, a friendly phone call or anything else, please email to or call Luke on 07834 352647.

Likewise, if you are unable to use email, or you wish to talk to us about this support service, please call Luke on 07834 352647.

This is a genuine offer so please do contact us if you need our help.

With very best wishes,

Luke and Jenny Wordley

Practice Owners